US Says Libyan Massacres Important – Yemen and Bahrain Not So Much

libya yemen bahrain protests massacre murder snipersThe US state department said today that ongoing government attacks on civilians in Libya are very different than ongoing government attacks in Yemen, where government snipers today shot 240 civilians, killing 40, including some children, and also different than government attacks on civilians in Bahrain, where government soldiers have done the shooting point blank or in drive-by attacks.

Asked to clarify the difference, a state department spokesperson responded, “The difference is very clear. For one thing, in Libya, they’re killing Libyans. They’re not killing any Libyans in Yemen and Bahrain.” Bewildered reporters seeking further clarification were told, “Look, in Libya, people are being massacred by the government, but in Yemen, people are dying as a result of ‘clashes’ with the government. You see the difference, now?”

National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon, asked about Yemen today, said “It’s ridiculous what is happening in Iran. Just ridiculous.” Asked again about Yemen, he said, “We support the universal rights of the Algerian people.”

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