Upcoming Books by Asher Black

Asher Black has completed two novels (currently in editing): a hard-boiled action thriller (2022) and a work of literary fiction (2023), each intended to be standalone books that are also premier/anchor novels in a series. On August 12th (2023), Asher began building his third novel and fourth novels.

Milo Frayne - hardboiled action detective fiction by Asher Black

Seeking Agent
Asher Black wrote the first Milo Frayne crime novel in 2022. It is intended to be the first in a series of hard-boiled crime/action novels featuring recurring characters. He is currently working on the next book in this milieu. Length: 124K words. Manuscript written: 12/5/21-10/19/22. Creation time: 11mo.

Hard Boiled Action and Detective Fiction
Bamberry in Appalachia by Asher Black Concept Cover for Book One

Seeking Agent
Asher Black wrote the first Bamberry book in 2023. It is a literary / coming-of-age tale set in rural Appalachia. This book is intended to be one of three books with a recurring main character. Length: 112K words. Manuscript written: 12/7/22-8/11/23. Creation time: 9mo.

Coming of Age Stories
Third and fourth novels by Asher Black: Not every mafia sells protection. Not every enforcer carries a gun.

Books in Progress
Asher Black is writing his third and fourth novels (started 8/11/2023) and has some 60 books planned in multiple genres. Whether he completes them before the great night takes him, and he begins writing in the timeless vast, remains to be seen.

Future Books

Short Stories Current Ones Seeking Homes

Asher writes short stories based on the books he's writing, so all of these are of that make.

Muscadines on a Hollow Stomach

Synopsis: In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, a group of underprivileged boys, hungry and consigned to a boarding school, forage for food. This and Carolina panthers, Indian trails, water snakes, and a grove of elusive muscadine berries. Autobiographical fiction.

Clean City

Synopsis: A detective bent on revenge. A new political force in the city. A romance that transcends sex. This and knives, cuts, bruises, a car chase, and a secret life in a high tower.

Building the Better Band Blaster

Synopsis: A boy in a Texas suburb gets access to tools and an unlimited supply of material. With no overhead, he builds his first business, and it takes off with more cash than he's ever seen—for a while. This and comic books, chasing the ice cream man, an unpainted fence, and a first bike on the horizon. Autobiographical fiction.

Parachute Men Where Eagles Never Soar

Synopsis: A boy in a midwestern suburb, where only a water tower stands over barren fields, rides his bike to the mall with a younger friend, where he makes his own trouble in the absence of tangible dreams. This and parachute men, pirates, eagles, and a lost tooth. Autobiographical fiction.

The Hard-on Editions

Synopsis: A boy learns about sex from magazines, posters, and National Geographic. This and angry babysitters, an empty attic, a misunderstood Baptist hymn, and an extra outhouse full of surprises and cartoons. The facts of life as told by popular media. Autobiographical fiction.

The Kid is Not a Cream Puff

Synopsis: A hood kid in an 80s preppy high school has three fights the last day of school. This and cowboy boots, deadly black belts, detasseling corn (a midwestern rite of passage), and volleyball. Autobiographical fiction.

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