Anarcast #8: Attack on Google & Internet Freedom

The Playful Anarchist podcast, with Asher Black (Anarcast #8, AsherCast #8).

Topic: the Italian courts jailing Google executives for not pulling an offensive video from Youtube more quickly. Asher argues that the method by which governments are progressively regulating the internet is by exposing free speech providers to massive litigation or criminal charges, so that they have to restrict speech on the governments’ behalf (the Napster protocol). Asher makes the case that this effectively insulates governments and their incestuous pacts with corporations from criticism – by appeal to a right to privacy. Asher makes the point that the supposed “right to privacy” that upheld Roe vs. Wade in the US offers a similar justification of internet restrictions in the United States, and that the “liberals” who made that “pact with the devil” will be responsible, ironically, for the restrictions of free speech (including their own) that are the outcome.

Music: by Stellamara (Immrama) on the Magnatune label. Opinions: solely those of Asher Black.

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