Anarcast #2: Jeremy Saw Monsters

The Playful Anarchist podcast, with Asher Black (Anarcast #2, AsherCast #2). One form of playful anarchy is doing something non-political or that precludes the artificiality of political speech, such as replacing it with truth in the form of fiction. Reading of original fiction by Asher Black. Story is copyright 2009 by Asher Black. https://asherblack.podbean.com/mf/web/pgfer3/Ashercast2_Jeremy_Saw_Monsters.mp3

Coffee Shop

I found a new coffee shop. Apparently, it’s going to fit reasonably well. I have three, now, and am scouting a fourth. Different hours, different times, different purposes. The least comfortable contrasts are generations and subcultures. All but one appear to be haunts for the young and the young middle class – the conformists. They …

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