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Crowded Spaces

“Go where people are.” – Mr. Glass, in Unbreakable Sometimes Asher’s superpowers only work when he’s in a crowd. In the film, Unbreakable, Mr. Glass suggests that sometimes people of extraordinary ability become more of who they are, more of their true selves, in crowded places. At least, enough is pushed out by the pressure, that it can help them discover who …

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Coffee Shop

I found a new coffee shop. Apparently, it’s going to fit reasonably well. I have three, now, and am scouting a fourth. Different hours, different times, different purposes. The least comfortable contrasts are generations and subcultures. All but one appear to be haunts for the young and the young middle class – the conformists. They …

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No Police State

Review: No Police State, Film the Madness (Indie, 2002) When the founding members of No Police State trashed a squad car in Memphis last year, some fans wondered if they’d gone too far. It’s all very well and good to make songs protesting the protesters of depleted uranium shells (“Clean Bombs are Still Bombs, for …

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Dream Last Night

There was a large party of us that landed on a shore. The settlement was wiped out. We were exploring the ruin. I knew somehow that we needed torches, so I told anyone who would listen to make them. The problem was that we didn’t have but a little gasoline and some branches and somehow …

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Definition of a Friend

A friend knows… your most heartfelt love your darkest fear your greatest ambition your hardest pain your highest hope your deepest desire your strongest conviction So tell me, what you know.

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