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Anarcast #2: Jeremy Saw Monsters

The Playful Anarchist podcast, with Asher Black (Anarcast #2, AsherCast #2). One form of playful anarchy is doing something non-political or that precludes the artificiality of political speech, such as replacing it with truth in the form of fiction. Reading of original fiction by Asher Black. Story is copyright 2009 by Asher Black.

Anarcast #1: To Hell with the RIAA

The Playful Anarchist podcast, with Asher Black (Anarcast #1, AsherCast #1). When you can’t go along, you go around. – Asher Black. Music: by Beth Quist on the Magnatune label. Opinions: solely those of Asher Black.

Serving as Keeper of the Rules

As two young men walked up, a couple of girls at the coffee shop said, “There are those two guys again. They’re going to keep coming around all the time, now. They think because we hung out the last three days with them, we’re their girlfriends now.” Asher, who was fixing a PC on the …

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Barista Comments

I’m breaking in a new barista. She said something quite familiar tonight: “Asher, you have no filter.” Indeed. Another one gets the imprint. 🙂

Lions will be Lions

Asher often amuses himself by playing with people the way a kitten plays with a moth or a hamster. Occasionally, when he’s done with one of them, he’ll lay him or her at the feet of one of his friends, and go find another. Other times, also much like a kitten, he’s equally disinterested and …

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