Romney Joins Conservative Call for Further Conflict

ImageFed up with what he calls the “namby pambyness” of other Republican contenders, Mitt Romney today decried as “weak and unambitious” Rick Perry’s recent statement that he would “re-invade Iraq” and Newt Gingrich’s allusions to invading Germany (the candidate had said if Americans had the same resolve they did in that action, the price of gas at the pump would halve). Not to be outdone, and with some analysts saying he’s still not appealing to the majority of conservative voters, Romney said today that as President he would start another war with Great Britain, followed by a war with the French and remaining Indians, and then go to war with Spain over Mexico. “Eventually, a return to Viet Nam would be on the horizon,” said Romney, “but that would have to be in my second term”. When asked if conservatives in the US might be too prone to starting and engaging in conflicts, Romney said “We’re a nation with strong moral principles, and those principles are best expressed in who, how, and how often we fight.”

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