Primogeniture Fades Along With a Measure of King Arthur’s Legitimacy

ImageEngland and the other realms which consider Elizabaeth II their monarch today scrapped the ancient rule of primogeniture which gives preference to younger sons in line for the throne over older female siblings. A new proposal was immediately launched to consider age discrimination in royal succession. Of today’s change, Prime Minister of England David Cameron said, “We’ve put aside the outdated, and archaic vestiges of a bygone era that no longer fit modern sensibilities.” Cameron later attended the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, which involves all-male soldiers in bearskin hats.

England has had a royal family since 827 AD and the crowning of King Egbert, but many insist that it was actually King Arthur who pulled the sword from the stone. Oddly, without primogeniture, England would have been ruled by Arthur’s evil half-sister Morgause or Morgan le Fay. Merlin’s influence would have been defeated and Morgan’s son Mordred have prevailed over a millennium of darkness in the history of the realm. Women’s rights advocates are nonetheless applauding the measure.

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