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Asher Black talks and writes to find out what he thinks. As a result, he works on several digital broadcasts, often with co-hosts.

Business talk without the suits.™
For every "organization man," every "suit," there's an adventurer . . . We spend the most productive hours of the best years of our lives at work; it had better count for something. Here are two guys (Steve Pruneau and Asher Black) for whom business is their sport and work is a source of transcendent meaning.

We were born to wank.™
Music is strewn with polished rock heroes, clones who want to be some rock god instead of themselves, and know-it-alls who take themselves too seriously. This is a show of two guitar wankers (Barry Gilman and Asher Black) who learn continually, grow constantly, and keep pursuing their own muse.

Powered by Spunk™
Manhearted is the show about being a man—one man—Asher Black—powered by spunk. Asher is a ferocious professional smart-aleck who goes off like a rocket, picking fights with swaggering bullies, sacred certainties, and hollow-shirted heroes. You may disagree but, if you've had a Scotch or two, you'll be entertained. Either way, it will at least be MANHEARTED.

Contraband for the Soul™
Not Yet Launched: Some stories are like a flask in the pocket—smuggled through life in our boots, held close to the chest, or concealed in some hollowed-out hymnal. We listen as to a bootleg album for the raw material—pure and unguarded, without contrivance or guile.

Past and Future


Not Yet Launched
Those with the warrior gene exist in all times throughout history. They are genetically predisposed to a once vital role—protect and defend the tribe. They wake ready to do battle, dismissing any personal cost. However, when the tribe no longer needs defending, they often struggle to find their place, and many simply do not fit. Consequently, they sometimes adopt a hyper-aggressive narrative and posture that competes with the wonderful people they are capable of being.


Not Yet Launched
In 2012, Asher Black created the town of Danger Springs as a storytelling venue and a place (a construct) for getting to know various characters. A character might only be in town for a week on the way to another story, but he or she will remember having been to Danger Springs. This exists in written form, but is not yet a podcast.

A Brief Experiment
In 2013, Asher experimented with reading other people's short fiction aloud when colleague Nik Perring and co-author Caroline Smailes published Freaks—a collection of short stories, each of which feature a character with an unusual superpower.

A First Experiment
In the shortest month of 2010, Asher wanted to dip a toe into podcasting and do homage to Robert Heinlein, the at-once serious and tongue-in-cheek apostle of rational anarchism—the simultaneous resistance to all forms of control and realistic awareness of the inevitability of control in the context of man's recurring dream of it.

The Ashernet

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Thanks to all 5500 (approx) Twitter followers. Maxims, ramblings, insights, and random ideas expressed are those of the author and not any agent, publisher, or bookseller.

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