Palin Says Church is Wacko, Wants Church in Charge of State

ImageSarah Palin is decrying the Supreme Court’s decision, earlier this month, on what she calls “the Wacko Church in Topeka, Kansas” that protests soldiers’ funerals as part of an oblique strategy to deprive homosexuals of civil rights. Tweeting from her Blackberry, Palin also criticized her earlier position which was opposed to gay rights and for free speech, a position due to shift again in 2012, just prior to the presidential campaign debates. Sources close to Palin say nonetheless she will try hard to dismiss the debates, in protest over the requirement that one respond to questions with sentences that actually make sense and say something about what was asked.

Asked about the separation of Church and State, Palin has said “I can’t separate Church and State. I don’t know anybody who can. It’s mind boggling.” Speaking more recently before the Women for God in Politics Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, Palin remarked, “I plan to run my campaign on my knees, which is where women of God belong, as often as possible, keeping Church plugged into the State.” But later, Palin again refused to confirm her presidential bid, saying “I’m deliberating candidly, internally, about what we’ve not yet decided might happen.”

This Sunday, Palin plans to speak in front of her own religious congregation, “the Wacko Church in Wasilla, Alaska” about “God and the right way to vote and stuff”. On condition of anonymity, we interviewed one church member who said, “We keep suggesting she convert to some other nice religion, and even moved the service to Monday mornings at 6am, but she just keeps showing up. Once she had us pray that God would tell her whether to run for president, and too many of us whispered ‘No!’, so she knew it wasn’t God and came again the week after. We’re thinking about converting the congregation to Islam. Do you think that would do it?”

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