One of Two Dreams in the Night

arrayI woke up the first time today at 6am (b/c of loud neighbors) to what clearly was pattern matching. There was a massive matrix or array of images, like a giant table grid, countless squares of image/patterns and they were being rapidly swapped out, and compared/tested against each other, a lot like code breaking or facial pattern recognition searches. I didn’t wake right away even w. the noise, and the size of the array kept getting smaller as I rose up through the depths of sleep, until there were just two images being compared. I noticed music was accompanying the operation, and it got louder as I neared the surface – suggesting the operation had been deep and was becoming less effective in the forward part of the mind. And then I was awake. I had programmed a part of my mind before sleep to work on a series of problems, most important of which was to find something and bring it to consciousness. It got interrupted, it seems, but now I know how it was going about its work. Oddly, I must have had a sense of what was going to happen, though I wasn’t consciously aware of it. Just before bed I wrote this (thinking about something else entirely). It’s something I’ve said for many years: Asher’s 188th Maxim: It takes at least three of a set to make a pattern. Two of something is only guessing.

Despite the noise, I went back to sleep and woke with a different dream.

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