Oklahoma Reversing Effects of Mexican-American War

ImageOn the heels of eliminating Spanish language driver testing, and a recent Oklahoma law that deports the families of imprisoned illegal aliens, a new bill in Oklahoma would forfeit any property an illegal alien owns, such as the car, house, or other family assets, and would allow search and arrest without a warrant. In a press conference today, the bill’s sponsor, Republican representative Randy Terrill, said “the Constitution was never meant to apply to people who insist on speaking Spanish. If we wanted that, we’d have invaded Mexico.” When asked if Oklahoma was systematically stripping basic human rights from anyone without documentation of their citizenship, including the right not to have to provide documentation of their citizenship, Terrill answered, “I have always believed in being systematic when it comes to the law.” Leaders of conservative Oklahoma churches applauded the proposal, issuing an agreed statement declaring “When Jesus said love the stranger and the alien as though it were Me, he had never met any Mexicans. We believe firmly that the Bible was written in English, by Americans, for Americans, and does not apply to the aliens it is describing.”

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