Media Wrongly Reports Gaddafi’s Claim of Cease Fire

ImageWestern news outlets erroneously reported today that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi announced a cease fire in response to the UN authorization of military action to stem his eastern advance. It turns out this report was not correct. Gaddafi, straining to make himself heard over the sounds of his tanks advancing toward Libya’s eastern front, did not say “cease fire” but actually said “sieg heil”, a German phrase that means “yeah victory!” or “I still think I can win”.

ImageEuropean analysts were not sure what to make of this apparent outburst, but reacalled a 1989 summit of non-aligned countries in Belgrade, at which Gaddafi, in one of his often inscrutable rants, claimed France and Germany would one day go to war, and Jews would be relocated. Gaddafi’s third foreign minister in as many weeks, “Moussa Koussa” (a name which literally means “wet pickle”), evidently trying to make sense of Gaddafi’s remark, said “Last night, our great leader was watching an old episode of Hogan’s Heroes, and today he is simply sharing his insights.” Saifa Gaddafi, apparently in support of his father, said today “East Libya will be liberated. Just like Poland.”

Not everyone thinks Gaddafi is off his rocker, though. North Korean autocrat Kim Jong-il sent an open letter to the UN praising the Libyan leader for being strong, sane, and his similar efforts on behalf of nepotists everywhere.

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