The US has an inbred bias against any mixture of confidence, intelligence, and articulateness; it will throw that off the boat, even if the boat then sinks from indecision, stupidity, and poor communication. Nowhere is this more apparent than in politics and corporate life. Most importantly, these things provide an alternative to control – persuasive and powerful ideas that can stand on their own and compete in an open environment. The solution thus far is to make use of such people, but insist they be self-deprecating and laud that as humility. Rand was right, though – to disparage yourself is the ultimate betrayal. Better to find your own buoyancy and let others sink if they will. Better to sail off to your own, and leave them, while they call for you to be drowned. This is why I adore Atlas Shrugged.

— Asher's Maxim 632

Asher Black

Asher Black is a former literary and review editor who writes, thinks, reads, listens, and is interested in the interior darkness of the soul.

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