The certainty with which one indicates what is intrinsically valuable and what isn’t, what ethically matters and what doesn’t, what’s aesthetically good and what isn’t, what the world is, what life means, what identity is, all the questions an individual decides for himself, never for someone else, is directly proportionate to lack of experience. In that sense, the 20-something crowd, fundamentalists everywhere, and relatively isolated parochials are operating the same way. Experience breeds ambiguity, not certainty. Think my generation is ridiculous, my music is crap, and my values are misplaced? Doesn’t matter if you’re older or younger or quoting scripture, the vast majority or the beleaguered minority, you’re still showing inexperience.

— Asher's Maxim 307

Asher Black

Asher Black is a former literary and review editor who writes, thinks, reads, listens, and is interested in the interior darkness of the soul.

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