Lions will be Lions

Asher often amuses himself by playing with people the way a kitten plays with a moth or a hamster. Occasionally, when he’s done with one of them, he’ll lay him or her at the feet of one of his friends, and go find another. Other times, also much like a kitten, he’s equally disinterested and would prefer to bask in his own inner thoughts.

Asher’s latest amusement is in agreeing with his critics, which seems to frustrate and bewilder them. If someone says he’s weird, he replies, “Yes, I’m delightfully idiosyncratic.” If they wave away something he’s said with “whatever”, he’ll say, “Well, it might as well be that, then.” To the charge of arrogance he has many replies, but all of them are some sort form of gratitude and agreement. In the end, Asher has said, “it’s more fun to play with things that are slightly stunned and off-balance, especially if you can set them bumping into each other. If not, just as good to eat them.”

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