King Defends Radicalization Hearings

Peter King Show Trial Muslim Hearings Radicalization of IslamUnder fire over the hearings on radicalization of Muslims, Peter King today responded to his many opponents with somewhat strident remarks.

“I don’t think these people are doing enough to prove that they’re not trying to subordinate our freedoms to some nutjob religious playbook. Their radicalization is a danger to liberty for everyone in the US. They want to put us all under some kind of theocratic law, with themselves and the organizations they represent as right-thinking keepers of the code by which we all shall live.”

Asked if those remarks wouldn’t be particularly applicable to fundamentalist evangelicals and neoconservatives, such as those in favor of the hearings, King replied, “OK, yeah, six of one. The difference is that we’re right. The muslims are not.”

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