Fort Bragg Warm, Fuzzy over Obama Visit

ImageAs we gear up for the 2012 campaign, supporters and critics alike are calling the President’s recent public appearances, “The Obama Reality Tour”. At his speech yesterday at Ft. Bragg on the occasion of the Iraq pullout, President Obama offered a litany concerning the Iraq experience that made even experienced killers blush. “Everything that American troops have done in Iraq,” said the president, “all the partnering, the sharing, the cuddling, the caring, the joining, the helping, the loving, the spanking, the building, the warm and friendly feeling, the occasional groping has led us to this moment of success…” A soldier interviewed by NPR expressed relief that the president didn’t mention “all of the raping, the pillaging, the torturing, the murdering, the stealing, the polluting, the destroying, the exterminating, or the initial framing”, but instead focused on the symbolism of the flag, all soldiers being heroes, how to write the history, and standing up for America. Whether he was neatly avoiding any mention of what actually went on in Iraq, or engaging in the ultimate euphemistic tirade is at the mercy of political interpreters. Today, the president is visiting other clusterfucks, like the US economy. Speaking to the banking industry at a Wall Street breakfast this morning, Obama borrowed from the Ft. Bragg motif, saying “all of your bleeding, your building, and your partnering – all of it has left behind a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant US…” Obama Reality Tour (ORT) spokesperson Glinda Goodwitch said tomorrow the president will speak to the Atlanta public school system about education in the US before departing at last for the Land of Oz.

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