Crowded Spaces

“Go where people are.” – Mr. Glass, in Unbreakable

Sometimes Asher’s superpowers only work when he’s in a crowd. In the film, Unbreakable, Mr. Glass suggests that sometimes people of extraordinary ability become more of who they are, more of their true selves, in crowded places. At least, enough is pushed out by the pressure, that it can help them discover who they are, even if it’s who they are in a deep well of solitude.

Besides the fact that, if he’s ‘on’, Asher is really good with crowd “management”, he can actually work best in crowds, if history is any gude. He’ll sit down in a vast, open cafe or coffee shop, with people everywhere, and in a fury of creativity and need, he’ll work. He’ll write. For those who might have been wondering, this is still true.

New crowds, however – the first time – make Asher merely watchful.

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