The Office

The Place of Work

Asher Works All The Time

The Office is what Asher calls a “construct”, a virtual space in the mind, the architecture of which corresponds to and summarizes a particular way of thinking. The Office is the place where Asher does his true work, alone or in collaboration with others. It is a vocational construct.

L-shaped “desk” made of conference tables, for productivity. Dual monitors and other productivity tools: stacking trays (wireless antenna and webcam on top tray), fax/scanner/printer, phone with display and QWERTY keyboard, stands for monitors, printer, and TV increase desk space by providing storage underneath for paper, disks, etc. Wireless keyboard and mouse, with high-tech platform mousepad. Leather executive chair. Two lamps (large one all black, small one brass and green), ashtray stand, file cabinet, whiteboard on North Wall keeps track of to-do list and bill amounts and due dates. Can be used to illustrate a point in discussion. Degree certificates on East and North walls. 4-speaker system. Television & digital cable converter currently playing Harry Potter 3. Smallest bookshelf houses overflow history and science. Larger shelf on North wall holds fantasy/sci-fi and is guarded by two large Foo Dogs used as bookends – window lighting is obliterating the right hand Foo Dog. That’s Tolkien occupying the left 5 books on shelf 2, and L’Engle on shelf 3. Out of view are a photo of Ayn Rand and an autographed one of Leonard Nemoy above that shelf. Bottom shelf includes Arthurian and Holmsian books. Another taller shelf to the far left (not visible) holds Education, overflow Reference, photo albums, and binders with essays, etc. Above that shelf are two white wire wallshelves holding software, a motherboard, disks, envelopes, frames, a joystick, etc. Window A/C, because central air ductwork needs repair. Suitcase-style (top handle) computer, tucked under desk (blue light illuminates the interior through a side window). This room has the most windows next to the living/dining and laundry/exercise rooms. As with all windows in the house, it’s blinds, no curtains. North windows look out onto porch, front lawn, and front door. East windows (with A/C) look out on the narrow sideyard, currently purple blooms in bushes along fenceline. Above that window is a black clock with black dial and silver points and hands (not visible).

Brazilian leather recliners, black briefcase, accent pillows, white blue-lighted spare keyboard. Antique black “tobacco” table, Macanudo ashtray, humidor. Gallery Wall of published journalism on West Wall. Black cane in corner. Grey and beige steel business bookshelves on South Wall. Oak floors. Actual wall color is much darker. Bookshelf holds history on lower 3 shelves, and religion on top shelf.

Art Wall on South Wall – two vintage art deco prints, custom-framed. Dali print. Ferruzzi print. Pages of Korean school magazine with photos of self. This side of the library is Philosophy (left shelf) – with rose drawing on that shelf, Conspiracy, German History, and Afrocentrism (middle shelf), with calabash gourd pipes on that shelf, and Occult (right shelf) – with Roar of Love LP on that shelf. Cultural Criticism on the top of all shelves. Pipe stands. Lampshade style is kept throughout the office, two small green, one large black. East corner is books on Orthodoxy, and two icons. Leather slippers under that shelf. Reference book shelf behind the chair. Above closet is overflow paperback area. Closet is full of computers and related electronics, as well as business clothes.

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