The Office

The Place of Work

Asher Works All The Time

The Office is what Asher calls a “construct”, a virtual space in the mind, the architecture of which corresponds to and summarizes a particular way of thinking. The Office is the place where Asher does his true work, alone or in collaboration with others. It is a vocational construct that overlaps, at times, with a particular physical space.

Desk with multiple monitors. Executive chair. Two lamps. Whiteboard. Stereo with cassette deck. Large cassette library. Shelf of books guarded by two large Foo Dogs. Photograph of a conversation between Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Several bookshelves. An assortment of Italian and German manual typewriters. French pipe holder on the wall. Vintage Japanese flip-clock. Venetian blinds.

Two black leather recliners. A deep, blue leather armchair. Black, antique tobacco table, Blackthorn walking stick in one corner. Original representational art from Northern School (English) artists, an apocalyptic Californian artist, and French street artist, a slavic surrealist, and Robert Watson. Vintage art deco prints. Dali print. Ferruzzi print.

Guitars on one wall (Two Les Pauls, Telecaster, Stratocaster, Hollow Body, and Acoustic). A custom-built Marshall-style stack. A smaller Marshall stack.

Adjacent room has small karate studio with tatami (mat) and several pieces of weight and exercise equipment, as well as a large screen TV, DVD player, variety of unavailable DVDs, kitchenette with Italian coffee maker, laundry, and lavatory.

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