The Black Academy

The Place of Study

About the Black Academy

The Black Academy of Storytelling is an autodidactic learning establishment, like the Library in The Haunt, but with a narrower, more concerted scope.

Asher founded the Academy in 2015 as a means of studying the craft of storytelling. It also underscores Asher's maxim: "I would never found a school at which I then refused to study."

The Academy has courses of study in story structure, scene craft, short and long-form fiction, non-fiction storytelling, cocktail stories, corporate storytelling, and storytelling for performance.

The course of study has included multiple 'theses' in the form of novella and novelette.

The Black Academy has been wildly successful. Asher graduated as its first Fellow, but continues to study within it frequently, as a master in kung-fu only remains so if he continues studying for life.

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