Clarence Thomas Starts New Sex Group


Clarence Thomas has founded a new organization for people who have been, in his words, “Clarenced” by political opponents. Thomas was accused of sexual harrassment, during his confirmation hearings to the US supreme court. Thomas says the group isn’t limited by ideological differences, but is joined by a common experience of questionable allegations that they’ve used sex as a tool of misogyny. Thomas says this is a technique designed to galvanize the emotional core of a society – namely, women – against males who trouble various powerful interests. Other founding members of the organization, called Gender Stigma Survivors, include Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, charged with twice having sex without a working condom (something Assange says would virtually criminalize membership in the NBA and NFL), and IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn, charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid who seems to have been caught lying to prosecutors, and making an awful lot of money through drug money laundering. Strauss-Kahn maintains that this is part of a campaign on behalf of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President who Strauss-Kahn says has always been a CIA asset. The new group intends to offer comfort, defense, and support to men who are “politically targeted by charges that they have been sexually unpleasant”, a charge Thomas says would at some point convict nearly any man who has actually had sex, except maybe David Beckham. Thomas’ group is a spinoff of the Sex is Not Dirty campaign, a Facebook initiative that suggests one reason sexual stigmatization is so powerful a political tool, is that most people still think of sex itself as a kind of crime – at least if they themselves are not having it.

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