The Tree of Desolation

The Tree of Desolation is the one no one has ever slept under without waking in screams.

She Knocks in Your Mind

She Knocks in Your Mind

The knock is the same as the one in your dreams – it’s a knock. It comes at the same time as you dreamed, which is at some time. It’s neither loud and angry nor gentle and timid. It’s as you had imagined it – a knock that says nothing. It’s a sound that is, …

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Mass Silence

Have you ever learned so many names at once that you forgot your own for a moment? And when those names and voices come to you out of the darkness, when you wake into them, in that space where you don’t know if you’re dreaming or not, do you even know who you are?

Talking Your Way Out of Dodge

Talking Your Way into Dodge

Our garden grows ripe and strong, even if the soil is bare, around the head of Mrs. Long, that Daddy had left lying there.

Nightmares in Heaven

Nightmares in Heaven

Hon Carter had a machine gun behind his eyes. Wherever he looked, he saw carnage, and he was the cause of it. He had long ago tried to blind those eyes, not once but three times, when he was foolish enough to think he could spend eternity doing any other job. When you were drafted, …

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Grandfather Clock


The fire spread through the clock with an uncertainty that was bound to disappoint, and would do final, irreparable damage not to the object on fire but to the hand that had set it. The man clutched his chest at the sudden heat, and dropped dead at the foot of it, just as it struck …

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The Ashernet

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