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Transcript: The Batman Interview

Asher: We’re back with tonight’s guest, the unmistakable and always enigmatic Batman. <applause> Asher: So… what’s the deal with this whole bat thing. Why not Aardvark Man or Gopher Man or Koala Man? Why bats, specifically? Batman: I… you’re making fun of me. Asher: No, no, I’m not. I seriously don’t… well, you know I’m …

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Blog post by Asher Black

HAUNT: The Slams (for Harper)

Some fun with Harper and The Crew. Posted here because Harper kept threatening to come and pound me if I didn’t. The yellow sign lit the distance from the alley, buzzing with reassuring warmth. It was a pretty thing, solid as a superhero’s emblem, inviting as ketchup drizzled fries. I wrapped my arms close, cursing …

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