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Rescuing Art from Ideology

The Orson Example: I think most people who have read a lot of Orson Scott Card’s work and have also spent time in social media are aware that there are years’ long campaigns going on to punish Card for his opposition to gay marriage (which is forbidden in his religion), comments he’s made in opposition …

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The Bizarre Life of Fiction

I have a rather unusual personality – so I am told, continually. A close colleague of mine says it’s all about context. Drop me into most standardized social settings and I stand out quite a bit or quietly observe from a dark corner. Standard social situations do not readily accommodate intense personalities. Put me in …

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One of Two Dreams in the Night

I woke up the first time today at 6am (b/c of loud neighbors) to what clearly was pattern matching. There was a massive matrix or array of images, like a giant table grid, countless squares of image/patterns and they were being rapidly swapped out, and compared/tested against each other, a lot like code breaking or …

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Childrens Stories for Adults

Two books have given me a glimpse of my own childhood through another author’s eyes. The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz especially (his book Odd Thomas also has some elements), and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Coraline has some elements too). I’ve felt aspects of it in Hearts in Atlantis (Stephen King) also, but …

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New York vs. Home

New York City is only home (the way Midwesterners mean home) to people who leave – a home to regret. To people who live there, it’s alive – it’s changing – it’s Mecca – an immigrant zone – drawing an endless diversity of pilgrims. Pining for the old neighborhoods – which aren’t there anymore – …

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