Anarcast #9: Earthquakes & Fundamentalism

The Playful Anarchist podcast, with Asher Black

Topic: Earthquakes that get lots of press and so lots of aid, prompt some fundamentalists to ask whether it’s God’s judgment on some particular nation – as though God considers national boundaries the defining factor in whom he judges, and as though the US, where such discussion occurs, is a righteous and good nation, with whom God is quite pleased, while countries like Haiti and Chile are bad ones, and God is angry with them – anger being presumably the cause of judgment. Asher analyzes this kind of thinking in the context of these and other earthquakes, drawing on the US Geological Survey, the Center for Earthquake Research and Information, and other references.

Music: by Beth Quist (Q Song) on the Magnatune label. Opinions: solely those of Asher Black.

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