Asher Facts

30 or So Facts About Asher

  1. has more than one name – one for business only, one his friends & other artists know him by (Asher)
  2. lives a self-employed life style, doesn’t have just a single, clearly defined job title
  3. has a dog he calls his “baby boy” that he saved via an animal rescue
  4. is intense and energetic most of the time – slows down, gets softer when touched
  5. lives in the most diverse neighborhood in the US (101 ethnicities)
  6. is accepting of most things, except hurting people or a lack of acceptance
  7. carries a European shoulder bag, usually has gadgets
  8. has a neat, military style hair cut, but isn’t military
  9. writes horror fiction & magic realism – teaching himself to write a novel
  10. reads frequently, ponders a lot, thinks all the time, communicates continually
  11. doesn’t own a TV, does watch online, adores film
  12. doesn’t do drugs, enjoys wine and beer and occasional cigars and pipes, takes supplements
  13. is a situational vegetarian, doesn’t care if you’re not, sometimes eats sushi or shellfish
  14. has an error on his birth certificate
  15. gained weight in corporate life, lost most of it after starting his own business, working off the last bit
  16. was married 15 years, stayed friends
  17. is from everywhere (moved continually as a kid, traveled whenever he could after that), thinks globally
  18. enjoys walking for downtime, especially around city life, looking at and sampling things
  19. dark haired, hazel eyes, keen gaze, natural goatee, thoughtful smile
  20. wears a garnet stud and a silver ear cuff, and usually a muffler
  21. likes the subway, very glad to have sold his car, hopes to never own another one
  22. likes ballroom dancing, but is a beginner – is taking lessons
  23. is Eastern Orthodox with pagan sentiments – keeps the Fasts, venerates the Icons, listens to the Desert Fathers, otherwise not very good at it
  24. has a catholic worldview (sees deeper meaning in most things – beyond surface matter, sees individuals as absolutely unique, yet accountable to create peace, justice, compassion in the world)
  25. is apolitical – doesn’t like ideology and won’t debate social politics but cares deeply about personal ethics. As a Rational Anarchist, he identifies with both the skepticism of Noam Chomsky & the personalism of Ayn Rand, as well as the voluntary associations based on mutual accountability lauded by the poet of this attitude – Robert Heinlein.
  26. recently settled in New York, considered Chicago and Portland, always drawn back to NYC life where it feels like home
  27. is passionate and sensitive, but comes off as cold if he feels threatened, violated, judged, or attacked. Ranges from watchful to central in social situations – wallflower to spotlighted diva – depending on the undercurrents.
  28. has a speaker’s voice, been involved in internet TV, was on radio a lot as a kid, sometimes reads stories for colleagues
  29. has been a serial founder of organizations, publications, businesses and activities ranging from subversive to merely ambitious – tends to be a planner, & builder, & leads if it seems right – stopped launching things to focus on his art
  30. resists control, social pressure, and conventional expectations – tends to be most uncomfortable in parochial and institutional settings – responds to open, creative, tolerant environments – think TED rather than Walmart


  • Ponderous: speaks in order to discover what he really thinks / writes in order to learn what he really feels, is a human mood ring – experiences color change to his hair and eyes (from dark brown to very light hazel-green-grey) when his emotions change, is a builder / his primary form of creating is building
  • Streamlines and customizes his life: has no hobbies / works all the time (everything he does, he takes seriously and so calls it ‘work’), owns as little as possible / digitizes whatever he can, has a treasure box of fetishes
  • Creative: simultaneously creates fiction as storyteller and the storyteller as fiction – a trademark of Asher’s creative and design methods. He is at heart confabulist and fabulist, simultaneously. Storytelling is bound up with the quest for identity and meaning, for Asher.
  • Fascinated: is interested in principle in the natural/rational aspects of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), PWA (perception without awareness), and mentalism – not supernatural magic – but the super-capacity of the natural to inform our perception and enhance our abilities – Asher dubs this “ordinary wizardry” – feeds his interest in magic realism

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