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Stories By Night

Asher is a fabulist living in Brooklyn. In daylight, he is a self-employed corporate storyteller, cooking non-fiction for companies and organizations. When darkness falls, and even the long shadows are inevitably swallowed in black, he turns on the lights in Asher's Haunt™, lights a fire on the hearth, and tells other stories—of pitiless men, and malice, and ordinary people who resist them. At various times, Asher is a maximist, raconteur, genre hacker and literary performer.

"You're a bonfire, Asher."

Nightly Chops™ & The Black Academy™

In Jazz, chops are any individual artist’s demonstration of purely technical skill as part of a main act, after the main acts are done, or in the informal jazz (jam) sessions in various clubs (“he’s showing his chops, tonight”).

Asher cut his teeth (his chops) as a young man—writing, editing a school magazine, publishing poetry and various broadsheets, and performing on stage. He was Managing Editor of The Green Man Review (one of the earliest full production digital publications) for a number of years in its heyday and, following that, publisher of the digital magazine MYTHOLOG which operated from 2002-2007, before WordPress changed the game by making blogs ubiquitous.

Asher launched Nightly Chops (30 stories in 30 days) in Spring 2012 to create a critical mass of energy and creativity and sustain an emotional rhythm.

Chops are focused less on writing technique, more on building consistent facility with translating deep-seated emotions into surface symbols for public consumption.

In September 2014, Asher adapted his Nightly Chops to business use by creating a productivity technique called Daily Sprints. He then crossed genre and medium by writing a small self-published business book with a horror fiction theme.

In November 2014, Asher poured that same energy into completing NANOWRIMO, the 'Boston Marathon for fiction writing' - a 50K novel in 30 days.

In June 2015, Asher founded the Black Academy of Story Telling, a virtual regimen of self-study of dramatic structure designed to prepare one to write novels.

He continues to study and write novels, novellas, novelettes, and short stories to teach himself the craft. Most of these will never see exposed to the light of day, but Asher says he's having the most fun he's ever had in his life, outside of the bedroom. Asher works with companies and organizations to tell their stories under a variety of names and banners.

It's the jazz of Coltrane, Mingus, and Miles Davis that he plays while he writes.

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